Our Vision

A Tea Made Of Prayers • A Tea From Mother Earth • A Tea From The Spirit Of Leaves

The smell of freshly brewed tea is one of Satya's earliest childhood memories. She was introduced to the art of tea by her Grandma Lela. From an early age, Satya developed a sensitive taste to the delicacy of the flavours and attention to the physical and emotional effects that the different tea leaves had on her.
Later, when she immersed herself in the Peruvian Amazon jungle and came into contact with sacred plants - considered power plants by the indigenous tribes - she surrendered to their mastery, because she saw in herself, and in those who seek her, the healing potential they have and the key to the awakening of consciousness they are.

From this deep and intimate relationship with the plant realm comes the dream of developing, in the form of teas, a sacred bridge between human beings and the wisdom of plants. Therefore, it is with pure joy that we see YA'CHAY come into the world: liquid wisdom that rescues an ancient connection that is vital to remember.

What is YA'CHAY?

YACHAY means wisdom in the Quechua language. It is the knowledge that drives our intentions, that is acquired through experience and must be put into practice. YA'CHAY is one of the 5 core Andean principles, guides of conduct, and attitude towards life.

YA'CHAY is so much more than herbal blends. YA'CHAY is an experience. It is a ritual full of meaning in which we take the time to invite the wisdom of plants to interact with our body, mind, and spirit.

For several days, Satya meditated surrounded by sacred plants and designed 6 tea blends. Each blend has a specific purpose, considering the active principles of its components, but also the spirit of the plants themselves.

All blends are prayed for 13 days under the moon and stars with Mapacho - the master plant of Amazonian healing traditions - with intentions of healing, clarity, and expansion of consciousness. The plants are honored to manifest their unique qualities in the alchemy of their brewing and at the moment of ingestion. They are the ones, with our own intention, that allow us to find and awaken our inner resources.

YA'CHAY is a celebration of our relationship with Nature, from where we come from and to which we belong. Let yourself meet these masters without ego and melt with this source of liquid wisdom.

First Edition: Portugal

The first YA'CHAY edition is entirely Portuguese, made from unique high-quality organic blends.

Satya felt this was a way to honour and give back to the land where she was born and raised.

All the plants in our teas grow in Portuguese soil and drink from our history as a brave and blissful nation. They carry dignity and nobility within their structure and faith in life and humanity within their spirit.

Meet Satya

Satya is the Founder and CEO of Working With Satya, a company dedicated to raising the Consciousness of Humanity. She is also the Founder and Director of the Awareness Facilitator School, in which she teaches a method developed by herself, an alliance between modern therapeutic techniques and Ancient Wisdom.

With a restless soul, it was from an early age that Satya began to wonder about existence and the meaning of life. In her very own world, eager for answers, she began to read avidly, fell in love with Philosophy and found in Nature the greatest of all masters. It is this deep connection that makes her heart beat shamanism - one of the oldest practices of man's connection with the divine.

The deep calling of the path of consciousness drove Satya to dive into the Peruvian Amazon jungle, where she met the sacred plants, master keys of self-discovery.
After studying for decades and working with thousands of people, she confirmed the healing power and potential for expansion of consciousness that dwells in the plant realm. From the depths of her soul, a genuine will to bring this precious wisdom to the world, has risen and materialized in the creation of YA'CHAY.

Satya sees all her work as a way to serve the human being. Her dedication and desire to learn led her to travel the world to study different methods and practices. By gaining this knowledge, she could build a bridge between modern therapies and ancient wisdom, Spirituality and Science - creating her own method, and defining herself as an Awareness Facilitator. She spends most of the year traveling to different countries, where she facilitates various retreats which are unique opportunities for self-development and awaken one's potential to enable effective life changes.

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Meet Cristiana

Cristiana has been an essential member to Working With Satya, for her dedication and sensibility to express the company's core values through visual communication.

Cristiana's artwork is the result of a combination of her visual culture, attention to detail, and respect for the essence of everything. She believes that simplicity is a guideline to beauty and strives to discover a way to bring out the magic of the nature of every person or idea.

The relationship between Satya and Cristiana began a few years ago. Their friendship and creativity have become a constant sharing of ideas to bring the expansion of consciousness into the world. Because of her sensitivity and vision, Satya felt that Cristiana was the right person to be the curator of YA'CHAY. Cristiana accepted the challenge and they embarked together in this journey of bringing a dream to reality.

Cristiana has a unique sensibility and all the work of self-discovery and consciousness that she has been doing, guide her to only be fully emerged in projects that make sense in her life, and benefit the healing and evolution of Humanity. She immediately identified herself with YA'CHAY’s essence and turned it into her own project. The committed way in which Cristiana has curated every detail is reflected in an honest and authentic language, which underlines the wonders of the realm of plants and the impact that their wisdom will have on those who dive into the deep experience of YA'CHAY.