YA'CHAY Sacred Ritual

The sacred YA'CHAY LIQUID WISDOM ritual is a moment for you to dive deep inside of yourself, to align your daily life with your true purpose and meaning in this mystery that we call life. It is a moment for you to become more in tune with yourself and to meditate in this present moment for something you find essential.

You can go even deeper than meditation. That is the significance of the true ritual.

There are guidelines for your own personal sacred ritual, meant to be a moment of true intimacy and self-discovery, self-development and to bring this consciousness that life is sacred and by honoring it your life becomes magical.



Find a place in your home or in nature where you are totally alone and no one can disturb you. Create your own sacred space with your YA’CHAY tea, together with the teapot, the cup, the candle, the smudge and sit down comfortably.


1. Light the YA’CHAY candle, gazing into the fire while taking in three deep breaths. Connecting with the sun of the universe of your own dimensions and constellation, remembering that we are all walking sacred fires that carries the light of life.


2. Burn your YA’CHAY smudge in that fire with the intention of purification. When your smudging is already with a strong and present scent, smudge yourself around your energetic, electromagnetic field with the intention to purify everything that you carry in yourself.

Bringing more presence, calm and tranquility for what you are starting to open, in this moment – the sacred YA’CHAY LIQUID WISDOM ritual.

After smudging, you put it down and say a prayer of gratitude for it work.


3. Take another seven deep breaths and start to connect with the intention of what you want to meditate, to manifest, to inquiry in this moment. Maybe you just want a moment of peace and intimacy with yourself, maybe you need to allow yourself to feel what is inside, maybe it’s a moment of authentic self-inquiry:

Asking for guidance, inquiring what is the meaning of life, what is the meaning of your own life. Is your life aligned with your true principles and intentions? Are you allowing your dreams to fade away in the name of other principles?

4. Grab the water (already boiled and inside of your teapot) and remember that it carries all the memories of this universe and everything that we tell to the water stays memorized and creates unique crystals. Those crystals will come into your own body with a message.

Open the teapot and speak to the water, tell the water what you really desire in this moment, what are your true longings from your heart and from your soul.


5. Take another deep breath and place the leaves of your YA’CHAY in the strainer. Pour the hot boiled water - one of the most ancient elements of life - into the YA’CHAY tea leaves - the healing plants, the master without ego…with properties that will help your physical body and with a true living spirit will merge with your spirit and expand your consciousness beyond any limits of your imagination.


6. Allow 3-5 minutes for this alchemy from water and the healing plants to become alive and turn into liquid wisdom so you can invite them inside of you.


7. While you are waiting, you keep breathing in and out, in a meditative space, where you are connected with your self-inquiry, with your inner observation:

how do you feel in your body, in your mind, in your emotions?

You are observing what is really going on with you in this moment and you start to dive deep in the authentic self-inquiry. Grab your tea cup with both hands and talk to the tea:

"Here I am teacher plants, here I am water. Asking you for wisdom, for guidance, for direction or just for a moment of pure silence where I can truly be with myself, beyond my personality structure and to connect with my true essence."


8. Ingest the liquid wisdom, the spirit of the plants, and awaken the most essential of your soul. After you finish your ritual, please close the sacred space. Grab your teapot, take all the water out and return the used YA’CHAY healing plants to mother earth, or to a plant in your home. Keep all these sacred objects. Objects that are here to help you to go inwards, to connect with the wisdom of the universe, to connect with your true essence as very unique friends that allow you to create this sacred YA’CHAY LIQUID WISDOM ritual, that is your own ritual of wisdom.

At the last moment say a prayer of gratitude for this sacred ritual that you have conducted.

"Water of life, I call you upon us to remember that each word that we imprint in you creates a memory when we ingest you. Today I open this sacred ritual with all my heart and my spirit to create a moment of true consciousness between all of us. May this moment become a moment of true presence and an opening of the heart, allowing our spirit to speak with wisdom."

Satya, in YA'CHAY Sacred Ritual


The YA’CHAY LIQUID WISDOM group ritual is an invitation to a moment of true wisdom, connection and consciousness. The facilitator opens the ceremony, speaking to the water.

You can use your own words speaking into this water of life:

Water of life, I call you upon us to remember that each word that we imprint in you creates a memory when we ingest you. Today I open this sacred ritual with all my heart and my spirit to create a moment of true consciousness between all of us. May this moment become a moment of true presence and an opening of the heart, allowing our spirit to speak with wisdom.

Then bring the healing plants box into your hands and you serve each guest with this master teacher plants, these teachers without an ego, remembering that their properties will help our physical body but their true alive spirit will start a relation with our spirit and unleash the infinite wisdom that we all carry and that we need to remember n this moment.

While serving these plants you put your intention and you can say out loud:

Welcome YA’CHAY healing plants, we are here to receive your wisdom and to ask you for the direction of our own wisdom. Here we are all together today, creating these conscious sacred YA’CHAY liquid wisdom ritual for our own expansion.

The facilitator pours the water into each cup and at the same time everyone grabs the cup in their two hands and meditates into the YA’CHAY liquid wisdom. Asking for guidance, asking for direction, asking for wisdom, or just with the intention of being together with open hearts and with wise dialogs with each other.

Ingesting the liquid wisdom, while allowing the spirit of the plants to awaken the most essential of your soul.

You might want to invite each person to share something from their most authentic selves. You may have an inquiry that each one can share about it.

By each sharing, we are inviting pure wisdom of each and the tea that is already inside to flourish.

Each sharing will add something to the group. It’s very important to explain when one person shares all the others listen with open heart and a non-judgmental mind. There is no counselling to be given, there is no opinion to be shared about what each person has expressed, only a true space of allowing each one to bring their soul into the light of consciousness.

After the ritual, the facilitator closes the ceremony with a prayer of gratitude for life plants, all sentience beings and all the participants.