Signature Collection

The signature collection is an integral part of the experience in the sacred ritual YA'CHAY.

Every detail of the YA'CHAY Sacred Ritual is meticulously conceived to offer you a special and deep experience. Our SIGNATURE COLLECTION is intended to bring you high-quality teaware sets, exclusively designed to enhance and inspire the brewing and drinking of Liquid Wisdom.

Our guest artist to create the FIRST EDITION of this collection is Anna Westerlund.

Anna is a woman who expresses her authenticity and wisdom through the art of moulding and her delicacy and strength of spirit quickly captivated us. Made with her hands and heart, these pieces of art are a fusion between ancient and modern times, resulting in a raw and simple beauty with a strong character.

“Ancestral, ritual, a moment, silence, nature, meditation, healing... these were the keywords to create this exclusive collection for YA’CHAY.
It was important that the pieces did not overlap with the magical language of the plants and the Ritual itself. The handmade objects created with the heart also communicate with us. The subtlety of simplicity with delicate tribal elements was the inspiration for these pieces.
Thank you for this challenge”

Anna Westerlund

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The Signature collection is a curated selection of sacred objects designed with intention for the special YA’CHAY sacred ritual moments, where we invite the wisdom of plants into our own temple: our body, heart, and consciousness.
These instruments help bring more presence and magic into this sacred journey.

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