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Yachay - Liquid Wisdom


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Our Cycle is Sacred. It is the love affair between the Heart and the Moon. You deserve all the most profound rituals between your Body and your Soul.

The blend for menstrual pain was born from Satya's own experience of the lunar cycle. These pains have always forced her to make great sacrifices and even to stop her daily activities. And just like Satya, there are thousands of women around the world who face this reality. This herbal blend is a natural resource that will enable you to reduce inflammation and face these moments more smoothly


Chamomile, Oregano, Lemon Verbena, Calendula, Star Anise, Lemongrass, Lavender

Directions for use:

Mamakilla should be taken two days before your menstruation starts, day and night. During your cycle of menstruation, allow Mamakilla to support your body in letting go of the pain, and to have a certain level of relaxation and anesthetic, so you don't go through such peaks of pain during your cycle. You should take Mamakilla two or three days before, day and night, and during your menstruation cycle.